Online Work

online work
Location: This is remote work you can do from your smartphone or tablet. We are looking for people from all countries (though you will need to be English speaking)…

Requirements: When you sign up you will be emailed a link to the videos, which you’ll need to download and then re-upload to YouTube. So, you need a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection to do that. A laptop with a keyboard would help when communicating with your clients via email too, but it isn’t necessary. You will need 30 hours a week to dedicate to this, although your working times will be flexible.

Experience necessary: If you’ve never posted a YouTube video before, it’s very easy and you’ll be provided with full training. Posting takes 10-15 minutes and then you simply wait for the video to upload. I’m sure once you’ve done a couple you’ll have the hang of it and be able to breeze through your daily video uploads in no time at all.

I am sure you will know that easy remote jobs like this one are in huge demand. I mean, posting videos to YouTube doesn’t even sound like a job, yet companies will pay you up to $900 a week to do so.